Parade of Saints has been with Molly Nixon Garrett since July 2017. Here she is dragging calves to the fire at her second branding. She was the family's main mount all winter and early spring for calving. She's quiet, level headed, and very willing. 

Adopted & Adored Horses

If you have adopted a horse from BSCTA and would like to be featured on our "Adopted & Adored" page, send us a message on Facebook or text Anne at (701)848-6023!  

Happenstobeperfect, now called Baby Girl, was adopted by Teri Larsen in April 2019. Here she is doing a 22 mile trail ride on June 22, 2019 to help bring awareness to veterans suicide. 

Andromeda Gardens (Andy) joined Vickay Gross' family in 2009. Andy has done trail and Cowboy Mounted Shooting. His sire is Skip Away.

IDon'tSnow, now called Grace, was adopted by Megan Dollinger. Here she is hanging out in town! 

Around Robyn has been loved by Suzanne Hohbein since 2009! They have come a long way and now she is Suzanne's go to trail riding partner. Around Robyn loves the Badlands! 

Tiz Jr is busy working on a Hereford ranch in Bowman, ND with Robyn Mrnak. He occasionally teaches kids how to ride and works as a therapy horse. Tiz is also an ambassador for the Western Thoroughbred, a group that promotes OTTBs for careers in western disciplines. He is truly one in a million and Robyn's best friend!

Freeze Your Kela was adopted by Brittany Bohland in July 2017 and is busy exploring all the trails in northern Minnesota. The pair enjoy overnight camping trips in the woods and have logged over 250 hours to date for the JC TIP Recreational Riding Program. They are also Page Ambassadors for The Western Thoroughbred online community and have been accepted into the certification program for their local Sheriff's Mounted Posse. 

Ebony is also owned by Suzanne Hohbein. Ebony was a broodmare and now she takes care of Suzanne's niece and company riders on trail rides! 

Keen Bidder was adopted by Joan Morton and is now living his best life in Minnesota as a trail horse! 

Engagement's Off was adopted from BSCTA in 2011 by Sara Leist. Together, they do eventing and trail riding and are now beginning to fox hunt this summer!

Bowman Second Chance Thoroughbred Adoption

Dirty Socks Rock (Rocksy) has been with Vickay Ross since November 2007. She has done some trail riding, arena work, and mounted shooting patterns. Her finest moment was becoming a mom to the filly in the lead.