Click here to access a printable version of the BSCTA Adoption Application:​​


An approved application is the first step in our adoption process. Please note that all questions on the application must be answered; failure to answer any question will result in a rejected application. Please provide current contact information in your application so that we may contact you after reviewing your application to discuss the next steps.
Applications may be sent by mail to:
PO Box 83
Regent, ND 58650
or by email to


Horses adopted from BSCTA have gone on to be wonderful hunters, jumpers, event horses, barrel racers, polo ponies, dressage horses, trail horses, and family pets. Like all horses, Thoroughbreds come with a variety of temperaments and talents. We will be happy to share everything we know about the horses wehave available to help you make the right choice.

For more information about an individual horse's racing history, please visit

Please contact Jackie at (701) 563-7546 or Kit at (701) 440-3222 if you are interested in more information about adopting.

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